Celebration Sundays SLIDER web page

Coming in September…

Four weeks to celebrate what’s good.

Four weeks to remember what makes life great.

Four weeks to invite your friends to experience Capital Church.

Four weeks to give church another chance.

Four weeks to discover why God cares so much about you.

Four weeks to rediscover joy.

Four weeks to honor the important people in your life.

Four weeks to serve people and make their day.

Four weeks to eat and laugh and play with friends, old and new.

Don’t miss a single one!

September 2 :
Celebrate Youth!

September 9 :
Celebrate Community!

September 16 :
Celebrate Experience!

September 23 :
Celebrate Life!

Our faith community gathers at Capital Church each Sunday at 9 & 11 am.

Come early, grab a cup of coffee, meet friendly people, enjoy engaging music, and discover what the Bible says to us about truth and life.