21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

We encourage the entire Capital Church community to participate in our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. It doesn’t matter what you fast. But it will make a difference for you, and within you, if you fast.

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Choose a Fast

Prayerfully choose a type of fast from the list below. Whichever you choose, commit to it as an exercise in spiritual discipline and expression of worship.

A Financial Fast
Turn non-essential spending into charitable giving. Abstain from all extra spending for 21 days (e.g., dining out, going to movies, buying clothes, apps, etc.). Record what you don’t spend. Give that amount to the Church or a charity.

A Food Fast
Abstain from food, fully or partially. Variations include:
• fast all food except water
• fast all solid foods (only drink juices and broths)
• fast a certain type of food (e.g. meat, sweets, etc.)
• “The Daniel Fast” (see daniel-fast.com)
*Always consult your physician prior to any food fast.
*Never fast water.

A Media Fast
Abstain from some or all media forms not required by work or school. Go 21 days without tv, movies, radio, magazines, social media, internet, apps, etc. Replace that time with Bible reading (it’s ok to use your phone for that).

A Time Fast
Reorder your daily and weekly schedule and dedicate time to prayer, Bible reading, and serving those in need. E.g., attend the 21Days prayer events, serve the church or at a Mission, serve your neighbors (raking, shoveling, etc.).

A Daylight Fast
For 21 days, fast from 6AM until 6PM each day. You can apply the Daylight Fast to any of the fasts listed above.

2. Remember the Point

Biblical Fasting is the act of humbling oneself before God. It’s more than just abstaining from something; it’s about making room for God-focused devotion through practices like prayer, Bible reading, and serving others. It’s about setting your mind on God, allowing Him to re-align your heart to be in harmony with His and to turn your focus from your wants to others’ needs.

3. Share the Experience

Don’t fast alone. Attend the events on the 21 Days schedule. Connect with friends who are also participating in the 21Days, to pray together, encourage one another, and share what you’re learning.  Keep a journal of your experience

Sunday, January 6 to Saturday, January 26

  • Sunday 9 & 11am – Worship Services
  • Monday-Friday 6:00am – Morning Prayer
  • Saturday 9:00am – Saturday-for-Sunday Prayer

*The sanctuary will also be open for prayer from 7am to Noon, Monday through Friday.

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