Make a difference by giving your time and talent to serve others through the Serve Team of Capital Church.

We are most complete when we’re working together for something bigger than ourselves. Capital Church is dependent upon our many volunteers – each playing their unique roles. Collectively, we are the “Serve Team”.

Here’s how it works!

1. EXPRESS INTEREST | Complete and submit THE SERVE TEAM INTEREST FORM below to indicate the ministry you might like to serve within.  The right leader will contact you to set up a “first serve”.

2. EXPERIENCE SERVING | On the day of your “first serve” you’ll have a chance to observe that serve team in action and get a hands-on opportunity to serve alongside someone already involved.

3. EVALUATE OPTIONS | After your “first serve” a leader will follow up in order to help you take the next step: either joining that ministry or checking out another.  Once you’ve found your fit – and completed THE GROW PLAN – you’ll be on your way to making a difference with the Serve Team!