Growing in your relationship with God, His Church, and His plan for you.

Sundays @ 12:45 pm

The Christian life is not a destination; it’s a journey.  Whether you’re a longtime believer, a new believer, or just examining Christianity, the Grow Plan will help you go further.

THE GROW PLAN is comprised of four one-hour events, offered weekly:

(1st Sunday of every month)

Grow in your knowledge of Capital Church.  Connect to our story, our vision, our values, and how we do church.

(2nd Sunday of each month)

Grow in your relationship with Jesus. Connect to four life-giving habits that will help you go deeper with God and find freedom in your personal life.

(3rd Sunday of every month)

Grow in your understanding of how God has wired you.  Connect to an awareness of your God-given personality, talents, and voice – so that you may intentionally share your life with others.

(4th Sunday of every month)

Grow in your capacity to make a difference. Meet ministry leadership and connect to fulfilling and effective ministry as part of Capital’s Serve Team.