Attraction. Friendship. Partnership. Intimacy.

Every exciting and healthy romantic relationship includes these elements.

Among them, the ultimate goal is “intimacy” – that closeness and connection to another person, where “he is mine” meets “I am his”, where fully-knowing meets being-fully-known.

That’s God’s take on it… and it’s what we each instinctively know to be true too.

But how that “intimacy” is achieved…
what order those four elements of a relationship should be pursued…
and what role sex has to play in it all…
that’s where we’ve diverged from God’s take on it… and have, consequently, produced a lot of “bad love.”

As God designed it, there are no shortcuts to intimacy.

It cannot be “taken” or “made” or “had”; it must be found.
It can only be discovered along the exciting… intoxicating… mysterious… beautiful… frustrating… consuming… rewarding… journey of relationship.
And once it’s found, it’s meant to be celebrated …and must be cultivated.

For six weeks, we’re diving in to the Song of Solomon, a love story in six Acts, to gaze upon this beautiful, inspiring (and inspired) picture of God’s design for romance, intimacy, and sex.

As we dare to find ourselves in the story and hear the lovers speak to us, for us, and about us – we’ll learn how we can walk toward the discovery of “Good Love” in our own lives.

Act One: Attraction
“Like what you See”
Song of Solomon 1:1-2:7

Act Two: Friendship
“Foundations with Benefits”
Song of Solomon 2:8-3:5

Act Three: Partnership
“I’ll Love You to Death”
Song of Solomon 3:6-4:11

Act Four: Celebrating Intimacy
“Best ….. Ever!”
Song of Solomon 4:12-5:1

Act Five: (re)Capturing Intimacy
“Headaches and Heartaches”
Song of Solomon 5:2-6:10

Act Six: Cultivating Intimacy
“Watering the Garden”
Song of Solomon 6:11-8:14