“Hunger and Thirst No More”

“Hunger and Thirst No More”

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To Hunger is Human

When my alarm goes off, my appetite wakes up with me.

And all the while I descend the stairs, turn on the burners, fry the eggs and ham steak, toast the bread, and cook the espresso… my hunger does not relent.

Not until I’ve eaten is my appetite satisfied.

Even then… only for a while.

That’s the thing about appetite. It’s only satisfied – if that’s even the right word – for a short time. Then the hunger and thirst returns.

True of every food I’ve ever eaten. Every drink I’ve consumed. None has ever satisfied, completely. I’ve tested this theory extensively!

It’s also true of all the other hungers and thirsts.

Freedom. Security. Belonging. Truth. Significance.

To Be Satisfied is Beyond Us

To hunger is human.

To pursue fulfillment – in one direction or another – is instinctual. Temporary tho it may be.

To find ultimate satisfaction, however, is seemingly beyond us.

What if that’s because our life’s appetites are meant to alert us to a far deeper hunger and thirst? What if they’re seeking to put us on a quest for satisfaction that lasts?

What if – in our panic to quiet them with temporary satisfactions – we’re missing the messages they’re sending?

Or is it?

During our current series of talks, we’re talking about the appetites of life that we all share – and asking what they may be telling us about ourselves.

As we do, we’re going to examine what Jesus brings to the table – and why he would confidently say that those who who know Him will, actually, “hunger and thirst, no more.”

Join us.

Part 1: “Hunger for Freedom”
A study of John 6:1-15

Part 2: “Hunger for Security”
A study of John 6:16-21

Part 3: “Hunger for Better”
A study of John 6:22-40

Part 4: “Hunger for Truth”
A study of John 6:41-59

Part 5: “Hunger for Significance”
A study of John 6:51-71

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