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My life has been a life filled with addiction and mental health problems. I started drinking alcohol when I was 9 years old. I remember feeling “normal “ – and so began the search for something outside of myself. I remember always feeling defective and had thoughts of suicide constantly. I became a perfectionist, and did well in school until alcohol really took over by the 10th grade. No one noticed and I felt insignificant and unlovable. I remember sitting in church and wondering why that man on the cross died for me. It made me so sad for him.

“No one noticed and I felt insignificant and unlovable.”

A beautiful lady saw my struggles and she told me about Jesus. I said the prayer right there in her car and started going to her church. But I didn’t feel welcomed or worthy enough to be there. I had a period of abstinence from alcohol for 3 years, but was trying to earn my salvation. I guess I couldn’t surrender fully to Christ at that time in my life and my mental health got worse, but I hid it well. Now that I look back, I can see how Jesus carried me and never left me. That was in the 1980’s.

I’ve been in treatment centers and mental health wards and never had success.

Fast forward to today. I recommitted my life to Jesus approximately 2 years ago. He has lifted the obsession and compulsion to use alcohol and other drugs completely. I am whole. My family has been rescued and Jesus continues to heal us. Praise His Powerful,holy name!!!

“My family has been rescued and Jesus continues to heal us.”

If Jesus can heal me and bring this drug addicted, self-destructive person back to life, then He can and will do it for anyone who wants it!!!!