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I was born 46 years ago, in small suburb of Boston, MA (Quincy). When I was born the doctors could tell there were many medical problems! I was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, which literally means “split spine,” also with hydrocephalus, which literally means “water on the brain!”

The doctors immediately told my mother and father three things: a) I would not survive a year with these two conditions but if I somehow beat those odds, b) I’d never walk (because of the spina bifida, I also have no muscles in either leg from knee cap down), and c)  I’d be a “vegetable”…needing 24/7 care!!

We serve an amazing God!

In my lifetime, I’ve had approximately 50 surgeries….most on a tube that goes from my head to my abdomen to drain the excess fluid off my brain…had 6 cardiac arrests 2 respiratory arrest, and was given up for dead by the medical community on April 1, 1992!   But… we serve an amazing God who continues to sustain me despite my “thorn!”