It Makes Sense THUMBNAIL“Wisdom is becoming competent with regard to the realities of life – how things really happen, how things really are, and knowing what I should do about it.”

-Gerhard von Rad

Who wouldn’t love to be able to read their every situation for what it really is…
and on top of that, be clear on what to do in it… or at least what not to do!?

Yet most of us find ourselves in the opposite place:
frustrated that things don’t make sense
and unsure of what to do next… or worse, full of regret.

We need wisdom.
For our relationships.
For our finances.
For understanding our own fickle heart.

Wisdom makes sense of life, gives us the sense to make the right decisions, and spares us from the senseless ones.

So, then, where is wisdom found?
How do we gain wisdom?
How does applying wisdom work?

Of the great King Solomon, the Hebrew record of Kings claims, “The whole world sought audience with Solomon to hear the wisdom God had put in his heart.” A keen observer of life and devout pursuer of truth, Solomon’s insights make up the majority of the Old Testament’s book of Proverbs.

So, if we’re going to look for wise advice that can enable us to discover and enjoy God’s design for our lives – it makes sense to start there!

Join us as we look into the pages of Proverbs in pursuit of wisdom for life.

“Wisdom for our Relationships”

“Wisdom for our Finances”

“Wisdom for our Fickle Heart”

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