It’s all about the fish!

Running from God?

Calling to God?

Delivering God’s message?

Resenting God’s mercy?

…a dramatic week for one of God’s prophets.

…a typical week for any of God’s children.

I am Jonah.

You are Jonah.

Sure, no one can relate to being swallowed by a big fish.  But…

if you’ve spent time running from God’s plan…

if you’ve called out to God in a time of desperation (and wondered if He was listening)…

if you’ve tried to talk about God to someone who didn’t want to hear it…

if you’ve questioned why God lets bad people get away with it…

then you know Jonah.

Throughout our current series, we’re diving in to this unbelievable fish story and learning how to make sense of God’s tough requests, His silence, His inconvenient message, and His unacceptable grace.

Ultimately, we’re discovering – and either accepting or rejecting – that it’s all about the fish!

Join us.

“Running From God”
a study of Jonah 1

“Calling To God”
a study of Jonah 2

“Delivering God’s Message”
a study of Jonah 3

“Resenting God’s Mercy”
a study of Jonah 4

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