Q: I’m already a consistent giver. Do I have to start using this?
A: No. This service doesn’t aim to replace traditional giving channels. Rather, it provides another giving opportunity to make consistent giving easier. If you’re already in the habit of giving weekly via cash/check, thank you for your faithfulness! Don’t change a thing.

Q: Doesn’t the Bible speak against debt? Why would you allow people to give via credit card?
A: Many people use their credit card for regular monthly expenses – which they pay off each month- in order to earn reward points. We absolutely discourage accumulating debt, but want to allow this avenue for those who use their credit card responsibly.

Q: Can I use the online method occasionally but use via cash/check at other times, or do I have to use one method exclusively?
A: You do NOT have to use one method exclusively. If you’re in the habit of giving weekly via cash/check, you may only want to use the online option for weeks when you’re away or for when you’re moved to give to a specific ministry or project during the week.
By using the “Give Now” option (or “Quick Give” if you’re not a registered user), you can make a one-time use of the online method without committing to it.

Q: Do you electronically store debit/credit card information?
A: No. Only personal contact information is stored.

Q: Is the receipt and handling of cardholder data performed exclusively by and on the equipment of a PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) authorized service provider? In other words: is it secure?
A: Yes. easyTithe™ is a fully PCI-DSS compliant and authorized service provider. Meaning, it’s as absolutely secure as it gets.

Q: Who is CCLC’s Merchant Account provider?
A: First Niagara Bank. Meaning, donations go directly to our bank.

Q: Is there a transaction fee charged.
A: To you, no. To CCLC, yes. An approximate 3% transaction fee is deducted from all donations before being received by CCLC.

*If you would like CCLC to receive the full intended amount, you can add 3% to your gift.

*If your bank offers electronic transactions, it’s best to set up a recurring donation that way – since, usually, no transaction fee is charged.

Q: Why would CCLC offer this if transaction fees are deducted?
A: Good question. Here are few reasons:

1. Giving to the church is a integral part of a person’s spiritual devotion. Online giving is a tool to help people develop that spiritual discipline in their lives.

2. Fee-deducted giving is better than not giving.

a.) By offering online giving options, we open the door for non-traditional givers to begin tithing and giving toward ministries and outreaches in a way they’re familiar with.

b.) Many people are more likely to carry their smart phone than their checkbook; this gives more people opportunity to give during the regular worship service.

c.) Often, people are moved to give during the week, when not in a church service. This provides the opportunity to obey that leading on the spot.

d.) When giving is convenient and easy, it’s more likely to be done.

3. Research shows that churches who offer online-giving see a 15-25% increase in donations annually.

4. When people automate giving, they’re less likely to skip it when they’re away. This enables us to meet our budget needs during typical giving slumps – like vacation months and throughout the summer.

5. When an immediate need arises (i.e., disaster relief, a ministry fund raiser, et.al.), the online giving option allows people to give to these projects, even if they did not come prepared to do so during the weekly service.

If you’re ready to start giving…

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