If You Want to THUMBNAIL
When we talk about God, there are some interesting and tough questions that arise. Ones that have challenged and provoked the greatest of scholars for centuries.

Questions like: is God completely sovereign?
As in, does He have total control over this circus we call life?
Has He unchangeably ordained whatever comes to pass?

More personally, does He choose His people or do people choose their God?
And how can He blame any of us if we cannot resist His will?
Wouldn’t that be unjust? Is God unfair?

For the first century Christians living in Rome – some of whom were Jewish, others Gentile – there were other questions to ask. Like: what about the “old testament”?
Is Jesus a fulfillment of God’s promise to the Jews? Or did He change the game altogether?
Are Jews out and Gentiles His new favorites? Wait, does God have favorites? Of course!… doesn’t He?

The Apostle Paul never backed down from the tough questions because he believed that the Gospel answered all of them, powerfully.

As we continue our studies of Paul’s ancient letter to Rome, we’re discovering what the Gospel has to say about the essential questions of God’s free reign and man’s free will as we examine this doctrine of choice: God’s, Man’s. Yours.

“An Uncommon Fate”
Either God chooses your fate – or chooses not to.
Romans 9:1-29

“Standing or Stumbling”
Either Jesus is the only Way to God – or He’s only in your way.
Romans 9:30-10:4

“The Beautiful People”
Why the Feet are the most beautiful part of the Body.
Romans 10:14-21

“Be Wild. Act Natural.”
How to make the cut with God.
Romans 11

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