Built in a Day SLIDER COVER


Great things take a while.

In fact, it has so far taken approximately 1,010,497 days to build Rome – founded April 21, 753 BC, it’s a project still in the works.
Of course, the Eternal City has been burnt and conquered and rebuilt several times.


From the day a Christian is “founded” by their faith in Jesus, the project of building-a-life-that-looks-like-Jesus begins.
Certainly that project is not immune to fires and foes. Neither is one rebuilt without participation.

The question is, however: what kind of participation?

More effort? More prayer? More knowledge? More sacrifice?

Many layers of Rome ago, the brand new Church was made up of former religious-types and moralists and pagans
who had been culturally raised to believe that a person could become a “good person” – if they just did more of these things.

But when the Apostle Paul wrote to these Romans, he suggested that
God does not want the Christian to simply be a good person – He intends the Christian to be a person like Jesus!
And more, that Jesus has already done everything that needs to be done for that life-transformation to happen – and more of our effort, prayer, knowledge, or sacrifice will likely just gum up the works.


As we continue in our study of Romans, we’re examining how the concept of becoming-like-Jesus can become a hands-off reality in the believer’s life.

We’ll see how knowing, really deep down knowing, what Jesus did – can dictate what you count on to be true about yourself.

And how what you count on to be true about yourself – can actually dictate what you find your hands (and feet and mouth and mind and the rest of your body) doing, quite naturally.

Join us.

part one: “What do you Know?” | Romans 6:8-10

part two: “What do you Count on” | Romans 6:11

part three: “What do you Offer Yourself to?” | Romans 6:12–23

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