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The word “miracle” gets thrown around a bit.

  • An underdog team pulls off the upset.
  • A diet pill helps you lose weight without even trying.
  • A new soap removes those pesky your tub rings.

But what about real miracles, when the truly impossible becomes reality?

Do you really believe that can happen?

For many of us, if we’re honest, we’d just as soon expect to see a pig fly.

Around Jesus, though, it happened a lot.

  • Eyesight to the blind.
  • Diseases healed.
  • The dead raised to life.

What if Miracles DO happen? What if they still happen today? What if one could happen in your life?

Join us each week of this series.  

Our faith community gathers at Capital Church each Sunday at 9 & 11 am.  

Come early, grab a cup of coffee, meet friendly people, enjoy engaging music, and discover what the Bible says to us about truth and life.

March 3 – “Miracles of Freedom”

March 10 – “Miracles of Provision”

March 17 – “Miracles of Protection”

March 24 – “Miracles of Healing”