Every person has been uniquely created by God to make a life-giving difference for others.

Every follower of Jesus has been redeemed for that purpose …and is called to it.

Not only called, but also equipped with certain gifts and empowered with supernatural help.

It’s spiritual.

The New Testament asserts that every Follower of Jesus is equipped with “gifts of the Spirit” to do more and better than could be done on one’s own.

In fact, spiritual gifts are the only guaranteed place of power to serve from.  Without spiritual gifts, your work will be labor and your impact will be limited.

What if you don’t know what you Spiritual gifts are? 

What if you never learned to develop them?

What if you’ve encountered confusion and/or weirdness when it comes to it – so you’ve set the whole idea to the side?

In this ten-part series
we are seeking to help you discover – and learn to walk in
a power that is not your own
…so that…
you can do the impossible

– in your context
– for the sake of your city.

Join us for each week of this series throughout this Summer. We gather each Sunday at 9 & 11 am.

Come early, grab a cup of coffee, meet friendly people, enjoy engaging music, and discover the kind of life that Jesus dreams for you.

June 2 – Part One: “It’s Spiritual”

June 9 – Part Two: “Character Matters”

[June 16 is Father’s Day. Join us for an empowering message to Dads]

June 23 – Part Three: “Refreshing Love”

June 30 – Part Four: “Life-Giving Words”

July 7 – Part Five: “Life-Giving Leadership”

July 14 – Part Six: “Supernatural Downloads”

[July 21 is our Summer Worship Concert. Join us for Special Guests, “Pneuma”]

[July 28 is Kids Sunday. Join us for a day of celebrating the kids of Capital Church]

August 4 – Part Seven: ““Supernatural Power”

August 11 – Part Eight: “Supernatural Communication”

August 18 – Part Nine: “Supernatural Vision”

August 25 – Part Ten: ““Supernatural Sacrifice”