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Life is a journey!

Each day,
with each decision you make,
you take steps in one direction or another.

Those steps that you take
take your life – and the lives of those attached to you – down one path… or another.

Hopefully not into dark alleys or dead ends.
But it’s hard to be sure.
You see the forks in the road, just not always where those roads wind up.

When Jesus began His public mission, He invited people to follow Him.

He said that He came to lead those who will follow Him into a full and abundant life…
a life of freedom,

One of His first ever followers, a man named John, wrote about a time when Jesus used the imagery of a sheep pen, a gate, a shepherd, sheep, wolves, and thieves in order to illustrate what it looks like to be one of His followers.

Jesus taught that the journey of life looks very different when you’re following Him.

You’ll learn to step toward
what you’d otherwise avoid.

You’ll learn to step away from
what you’d otherwise wander into.

You’ll learn to stride forward
when you’d otherwise be content to stay put.

You’ll learn to be still
when you’d otherwise be prone to panic.

During our current series of talks, we’ll examine Jesus’ teaching, discover seven essential qualities that mark the unique journey of Jesus’ followers, and learn how you can follow Him into that “full and abundant” kind life that He wants to lead you into.

Join us.

September 24
Followers of Jesus… “Choose Jesus”
A study of John 10:1-10

October 1
Followers of Jesus… “Run from Stranger Danger”
A study of John 10:1-10

October 8
Followers of Jesus… “Know Jesus is Good, for You”
A study of John 10:11-15,17-18

October 15
Followers of Jesus… “Help Others Get to Jesus”
A study of John 10:16

*October 22 is Student Sunday | Join us for our student inspired, student led services.

October 29
Followers of Jesus… “Live in Unity with Natural Enemies”
A study of John 10:16

November 5
Followers of Jesus… “Belong to God”
A study of John 10:15,17-21,29-39

November 12
Followers of Jesus… “Listen and Follow, from Life to Life”
A study of John 10:22-28

Our faith community gathers at Capital Church each Sunday at 9am & 11 am.

Come early, grab a cup of coffee, meet friendly people, enjoy engaging music, and learn what the Bible says to us about truth and life.