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What brings out the worst in you?




How about an indulgence that you just can’t resist?  Or one that you can’t have just one of?

Is there a certain “perfect storm” of circumstances that always set you off?

A certain person?  Or a certain kind of person?

How about… when people speak to you in a certain way?  Treat you in a certain way?  Or treat others in a certain way?

Why is it that some things – or some people – are just able to get under our skin? – and cause our ugliest selves to rise to the surface?

Jesus was like that.

No, seriously.

When He spoke, anger and hatred rose to the surface for many who heard Him. To many who encountered Him, Jesus was considered an enemy of their peace.

But Jesus wasn’t their enemy.  Not their real enemy.

They were fighting in the wrong direction.

While on earth, Jesus sought to help His self-appointed adversaries to see the real reasons behind their surfacing ugly-selves – and open their eyes to the damage that their real enemies were causing – in their lives, and in the world.

Jesus wanted people to identify and face what truly brought the worst out of them … so  they could defeat those real enemies – before being defeated by them.

He wants the same for us.

Because sometimes, when our ugliest selves rise to the surface, we simply lose our cool.

Other times, however, we lose a lot more: respect, reputation, influence, maybe even position, perhaps even relationships.  Ultimately,  Jesus tells us, if we don’t get it right, we can lose as much as our souls.

But we don’t have to go down that way.

During our current series, we’re….
identifying three real enemies that each of us have… we’re
exposing how they mask themselves & send us fighting in the wrong direction… and we’re
learning how to get the better of those things that bring out the worst in us.

Join us.



July 16 : “The First Stone”
A study of John 8:1-11

July 23 : “The Dark Path”
A study of John 8:12-30

July 30 : “The Bad Liar”
A study of John 8:31-59

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