You know the Father.  You know the Son.  Now, meet the Holy Spirit.

On the same night Jesus was betrayed and arrested, the very last time He would speak with His disciples before His crucifixion and burial, Jesus introduced them to “the Holy Spirit.”

During our “Spirit” mini-series, we’re going to examine what Jesus said about this enigmatic third Person of the Trinity and seek to grasp why Jesus promised He would be the energizing Force behind the Christian life.

Have we misunderstood Him?   Have we missed Him?

In week one, we’ll ask: Who is He?

In week two, we’ll ask, What does He do?  

*In between, on the evening of April 29th, we’re going to have a special service in which we’ll take a step deeper and ask, what does the scripture mean when it speaks of being “filled with the Spirit”?  And, is that something we can experience.  And, if so, how?   All are welcome.

Join us!


April 29
“He’s a Person”

May 6
“It’s a Force”

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