Capital Church Food Pantry

Capital Church Food Pantry

An extended hand of compassion for our neighbors in need

The Food Pantry is open to residents of Colonie and surrounding communities | Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm

The Food Pantry is an outreach of Capital Church and a member of both the Food Pantries for the Capital District and the Regional Food Bank of Northeast NY.

If you’re visiting us for the first time…

  • You will need to provide identification for all family members, including children.
  • Adults will need some form of photo ID (passport, drivers license, school ID, etc.).
  • For children a photo ID is preferred but a birth certificate or other non-photo identification will be accepted.

Families may visit the food Pantry once per month on any Thursday and food allocations are determined by the number of individuals in the family and availability.

For further information or emergency assistance please call Capital Church at 518-456-3022.

If you live outside the Colonie area and need information on pantries closer to your home please call The Food Pantries for the Capital District at 518-458-1167, ext. 108.