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What on Earth am I HERE for? – Current Series

“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

– C.T. Studd

Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  We’ve all asked these questions at times.  Join us as Dr. Jason Karampatsos explores this important question to help us understand who we are in God’s creation and how we can take the answers God gives us to glorify Him.

Series Sermons:
8/7/22: Part 1

8/14/22: Part 2

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Misperceptions of God

There is a Truth, God wants us to know Truth.  To know Truth, we have to seek Truth.

What if I told you that some of your assumptions and understandings of God are not as reliable as God Himself?  Through this series, Dr. Jason Karampatsos will walk us through some resources that we can use to view God with the proper perspective so we can let go of misperceptions we may have.

Series Sermons:
6/5/22: Part 1 | Truth

6/12/22: Part 2 | Alabaster Jar

6/19/22: Part 3 | 2 1/2 Tribes

6/26/22: Part 4 | With Open Eyes

7/3/22: Part 5 | Not Peace, but Division

7/10/22: Guest Speaker: Joe Sedillo, Chi Alpha Ministries | God’s Ambassadors

7/17/22: Part 6 | The Story of Joseph with University of Valley Forge Worship Team

7/24/22: Part 7 | 12 Spies

7/31/22: Part 8 | Paul Goes to Rome

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Seasons – May 2022

What we see before us today us just a season; it will come and it will go.

We all move through different seasons in life; each season influenced by the season before and influencing the season to come.  God uses each season we encounter as an opportunity to grow closer to Him.  Therefore, understanding what season you are in at any given time is essential to this growth.

Series Sermons:
5/1/22: Seasons | Part 1 | Spring

5/8/22: Seasons | Part 2 | Summer

5/15/22: Seasons | Part 3 | Autumn

5/22/22: Seasons | Part 4 | Winter

5/29/22: Seasons | Part 5 | Living in Season

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Our Current Sermon Series: Hunger and Thirst in Dry Places

Hunger & Thirst in Dry Places – January 2022

Series Sermons:
1/2/22: Part 1

1/9/22: Part 2

1/16/22: Part 3

1/23/22: Part 4

1/30/22: Part 5

Current Sermon Series: The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Our Current Sermon Series: JoyFull
Our Current Sermon Series: Welcome Home