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TOGETHER | to-’gεth-ər | adverb.  
1 at one and the same place or time; 
2 combined in effort; 
3 back-to-back without others coming in between.

How “together” are your relationships?  E.g.,… 
Your family.
Your Marriage.
Your Friendships. 

What about your spiritual relationships?  E.i.,…
You and the people who worship with you on Sundays. 
You and those who live in your city, go to your school, work at your job – and also believe what you believe about Jesus.

Do you feel disconnected from the very people with whom your faith in Jesus has supposedly connected you forever!?  

Why is that?
Why do we encounter so many obstacles to achieving a sense of togetherness?

If you asked around, you’d likely find that you’re not alone in feeling alone!

The New Testament uses the word “together” approximately 100 times to describe what it looks like to live as a Christian in our world. The strong suggestion is that it can’t be done well on our own.  

“Together” is the adverb God wants us to attach to all of our actions. 

Throughout our to-’gεth-ər message series, we’re taking a close look at the very first church community. They were known for continually being in the same place at the same time, working together, and protecting each others’ backs. They got “together” right.  

From their example, we’re discovering 9 actions which – when done with the “together” adverb attached – will unleash the beauty of authentic community in your life.

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