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The world isn’t what it used to be. It’s still not what it’s supposed to be. Good news, it’s not yet what it’s going to be.  

It’s a season of change.

Covid19 has brought some unwelcome changes ~ to which we must now adapt.
The murder of George Floyd has sparked a call for overdue changes ~ a fight we must all adopt. 

It’s the right season for change.

For you, this Summer may promise big life changes: graduation, a new job, a new school, retirement, marriage, children.  

It might also be a season to mourn your losses.

Much more than the weather changes in any given season.

This Summer we’re spending 12 weeks leaning in to the reality of change ~ the welcome and the unwelcome. We’re talking about how to navigate change in a healthy way and how to become agents for righteous change in our world. 

This unique message series includes five panel-style “conversations toward change,” four guest speakers, and three vision-forward messages from Pastor David.

Join us each Sunday at 9am & 11am.


Week One : June 14
Racial Reconciliation : A Conversation Toward Change

Week Two  : June 21
Transformational Fatherhood : A Conversation Toward Change

Week Three : June 28
Guest Speaker: Missionary and Chaplain, Josh Czyz

Week Four : July 5
“A New World Worth Fighting For” : A message from Pastor David

Week Five : July 12
Women at Work : A Conversation Toward Change

Week Six : July 19
Guest Speaker: Pastor Dave Mazzella Sr.

Week Seven : July 26
Young and Leading in the Church : A Conversation Toward Change

Week Eight : August 2
“Transitioning to Win” : A message from Pastor David

Week Nine : August 9
Guest Speaker

Week Ten : August 16
Better Marriages: A Conversation Toward Change

Week Eleven : August 23
“Your Church. Your Place” : A message from Pastor David
Plus a Dream Team Ministry Fair

Week Twelve : August 30
Guest Speaker