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One Truth. Many Discoveries.

Christians believe there’s only One Truth… Jesus.

Yet we each discover the beautiful Truth about Jesus in different ways…
some through experiences – others through epiphanies…
some are led there by spiritual people – others land there through spiritual exploration…
for some, it’s like a light breaking in – for others, it’s like a slow dawning.

It makes sense then, that as varied as our discoveries of Jesus might be – so varied our ways of sharing Him should be.

One Truth. Many Deliveries.

The last eight chapters of the New Testament book of Acts tell the story of Paul in chains: arrested in Jerusalem and moved from prison to prison en route to Rome, the Apostle Paul lived a four-year cycle of being accused and acquitted, forgotten and remembered, heard and ignored. But… his time was not wasted!

Though Paul was the one in captivity… he repeatedly found himself presented with unique opportunities to share his faith in Jesus before “Captive Audiences.

Sensitive to each unique audience, Paul shared his faith in four unique ways.

It’s from these stories that we’ll to learn four ways to share the inescapable Truth about Jesus when the opportunities present themselves in our lives.

Join us!

“How I Got Here”
a study from Acts 22
My Story Evangelism

“An Inconvenient Truth”
a study from Acts 24
Full Story Evangelism

“Short Time or Long”
a study from Acts 26
Process Evangelism

“Stay with the Ship”
a study from Acts 27
Lifestyle Evangelism

We gather every Sunday at 9:00am and 11:00am.

Come early, grab a cup of coffee, meet friendly people, enjoy engaging music, and learn what the Bible says to us about truth and life.