In partnership with easyTithe™, you can now donate to CCLC and our many ministries and outreach projects right here on the interweb 😉

  • Set up recurring donations
  • Give while you’re away
  • Give midweek – in your pajamas!
  • Contribute to specific ministries
  • Participate in outreach projects
  • Track and review your donations
  • All from your own secure account


To get started …


  1. When you’re ready, CLICK HERE to go to the Giving Module
  2. Register as a new user -or- log in (if you’re registered) -or- choose “Quick Give” to give without registering


  1. Enter an amount*
  2. Select where you want your contribution to go
  3. Enter your financial information
  4. Click “submit”


  1. Your contribution will be automatically deducted from your account
  2. You will receive a confirmation email of your donation

It’s that easy! (must be why it’s called “easyTithe”)

*Note: an approximate 3% transaction fee is deducted from all donations before being received by CCLC.
If you would like CCLC to receive the full intended amount, please add 3% to your gift.

Got more questions?
CLICK HERE for some Online-Giving FAQ.

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