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You’ve no doubt seen the ancient Chinese proverb that states, “failure is not falling down, but staying down.”  Or perhaps the ancient Japanese one, “if you fall seven times, get back up eight.”

Although separated from the origins of these sentiments, by centuries and culture, they still call to us today.


Perhaps it’s because each of us knows the frustration of falling down.

Perhaps it’s because something within each of us knows that the only real solution to the agony of falling… is the resolve to rise up from it.

However, that’s often easier to post about on instagram than it is to live out in real life.

Often, the things that knock us down keep us down.

Mistakes.  Failures.  Losses.  Disappointments.  Raw deals.  Betrayals.   Abandonments.
On the list may go.

But what if you could find freedom from the things that hold you back?

What if, no matter how far the fall…. you could always rise?

This was how Jesus lived.  Confidently so.

From the things He said, it seems that he always believed he would rise, no matter what befell him, even death.

But not only him.  He seemed to believe that this was more than possible – even inevitable – for every human…. who wants it.

He taught it.
He showed what it looks like.
He called people to it.
He helped others do it.
And then… He did it himself.

During our current series of talks, we’re looking at three encounters of Jesus that took place years before his crucifixion – in which he set the stage for his rise.

We’ll talk about how to refuse being kept down by what knocked you down,
and what it looks like
to envision and
to choose
the hope and
the habit
of rising
to a full and satisfying life.

Join us.

Part One: “Look Up : The View of Resurrection”
A study of John 4:43-54

Part Two: “Get Up : The Choice of Resurrection”
A study of John 5:1-9

Part Three: “Stay Up : The Habit of Resurrection”
A study of John 5:9-18

Part Four: “Rise : Why the Good Ones Won’t Stay Down”
A study of John 5:19-29
(Easter Sunday)

Part Five: “Speak Up : The Spread of Resurrection”
A study of John 5:30-47

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