“This Temporary World”

“This Temporary World”

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We’re told, from childhood, “nothing lasts forever.”

So… why do we
chase what we want,
clutch what we have, and
cry when we lose what we love –
as if we expect that some things will never – and should never – go away?

Maybe it’s because we were created for eternity,
so we innately long to discover the “lasting things”
that we’ve been designed to share Forever with.

Some things do last forever.
If only we weren’t so often fooled by the other things… that fade away.

The challenge for us
– as permanent people inhabiting this temporary world –
is to discover & value what is truly lasting, here and now,
without getting distracted by & caught up with
what’s fading away.

Easier said than done.

During our current series of talks, we’re talking about how to know
when to grab onto what’s lasting
and when to pass on what’s passing away.

To help us, we’re going to look at a story about the time that Jesus showed up at a festival designed to celebrate the temporary nature of this world and told the festival goers how they can
see the life they’re missing,
examine the life they have, and
expect more out of the life ahead of them.

Join us.

part one : “The Life You Miss”
A study of John 7:1-13

part two : “The Life You Have”
A study of John 7:14-36

part three : “The Life You Expect”
A study of John 7:37-52

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