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Christmas… ’tis the season…

…for the fun of wishing and buying and giving and getting,
…for rediscovering that we’re truly most ourselves when living joyfully and giving generously, and
…for remembering that, beyond and beneath it all… “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”

But there’s MORE to Christmas than that.

Because while it’s true, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”… there is, inside that neatly wrapped catch-phrase (sorry, to the world, for all our catch-phrases), a whole world of unexpected, life-giving gifts just waiting to be unwrapped and discovered!

During this Christmas season, we’re going to talk about how Jesus’ arrival into the world means that every person, of every kind can wake up to discover unexpected gifts that really matter for one’s life.

Join us each Sunday between Thanksgiving and Christmas

part one
Good News for those Not Yet “All Set”
a study of John 1:9-13

part two
Hope for Being Human
a study of John 1:14 (part one)

part three
Eyes to See the “Presence” You Already Have
a study of John 1:14 (part two)

part four
The Reality to Replace all the Replicas
a study of John 1:16-17

part five
Your Everything-Changing Moment
a study of John 1:18

Our faith community gathers at Capital Church each Sunday at 9 & 11 am.

Come early, grab a cup of coffee, meet friendly people, enjoy engaging music, and learn what the Bible says to us about truth and life.[/builder_content]