What to Expect

What to Expect

If it’s been a long time since you’ve been to church, Capital Church has you in mind!

We want you to be able to experience the great music, encouraging messages, friendly people, and relaxed atmosphere of Capital Church – so that may connect with the hope and encouragement God has for you.

There’s already enough to think about when visiting a church for the first time, so to answer some common questions you might have, here’s what you can expect when you come for a service:


At Capital Church, we want the first face you see to be a smile. Our greeters will be happy to answer any questions and help you get where you need to go.


Our worship service begins with engaging music led by our band. The lyrics are projected on a large screen and the congregants are encouraged to sing along. Corporate singing has long been a significant shared experience for faith communities. It is unifying, when a diverse collection of people come together to say the same things about God. It is also personal, as individual’s experiences and expressions of worship will vary. We invite you to participate as you feel comfortable. It’s an opportunity for you to set aside other concerns and give God your attention.


Each Sunday, one of our pastors presents an encouraging and inspiring message that relates ancient Biblical passages to present, real life issues so that you can see how God’s truth applies to your life. Jesus is central in every message. We believe Jesus came to lead every human being into the God-connected life they were created to live. We want to help you connect with the personal hope and practical help that Jesus offers us.


You can expect the following precautions in place:

  • Compliance with NYS COVID regulations
  • Disposable masks available upon request
  • Touch-free message notes, announcements, and sign up forms
  • Nursery (ages 0-2) and Capital Kids (ages 3-12) open for 9am & 11am services
  • Mother’s Room with live feed available

If you are feeling ill or have been exposed to anyone who was ill, we welcome you to enjoy our services online at capitalchurchny.online.church/ or our YouTube channel or our Facebook page.


Once a month, we celebrate the sacrament of Communion.  By doing so, we acknowledge that through Christ’s sacrificial death, we have forgiveness for our sins and have been brought into communion with God and with all who share our faith in Jesus. To be sensitive to those with personal convictions regarding alcohol and to those with life controlling addictions, we do not use wine.

For hygienic reasons, we use factory-sealed, single-serving, 2-in-1 cups, containing grape juice and a cracker.


Parents need be sure their children are in a safe learning environment. Children are looking for a fun place to learn. We’re invested in both these goals! We have screened, qualified, children’s workers excited to work with your kids. We offer a nursery for children ages 0–2, preschool and elementary age students during all services. At Capital Kids, children can celebrate God, life, and one another with interactive Bible lessons, videos, crafts, games, and snacks.


When you enter Capital, you’ll see people in suits and dresses; you’ll also see people in jeans and t-shirts. There are different schools of thoughts on this: one says “I should dress my best for God;” the other says “I can focus on God best when I’m comfortable.” We recognize both perspectives are valid. So we make no issue of external things like clothing or piercings or tattoos or the like. We think what’s going on within the inside a person is what matters. Come as you are and that’ll be just fine.


Each Sunday we invite our guests to give what we call, “tithes and offerings.” We don’t pass an offering plate. Rather, there are giving stations in the main auditorium. No pressure is put on guests to give.  Instead of wanting you to give something, we want you to get something!

You can read more about “tithing” and other topics, like what we believe about Baptism, Salvation, and Politics on our FAQ page.